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Kia Ora! My name is Mike Law and I like to learn and talk a lot. Sometimes I can’t find people to talk to about the random things I end up learning about…. this is where you come in. Your here because you like a range of subjects (or hopefully one at least) and you can comment back/subscribe and let me simplify more complex information into simple and easily digestible blogs and vlogs for you. The net result is Mikes Laws. Until proven otherwise; they are Law.

I live in an amazing country called New Zealand. The grass is greener, the air is clean and the prospects are in line with any major country in the world. I’ve got a wonderful wife, two brilliant boys and I enjoy a range of sports, DIY,  self sufficiency, science and business.

I hope you enjoy this website as I know I’m enjoying documenting my research and my personal fun. Below is some key info that changes as I do better and develop my thinking, so I’ll put it here for reference


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I was a big meat eater up until 2015 and then one day through an ethical discussion with myself (it is not morally permissible to farm sentient beings…. yes this means hunting in the wild is ok in my book); decided to stop eating meat… since I have been paleo on a and off for 9 years, it also meant no dairy and very little grains. I need my protein so I have introduced Legumes back into my diet (not tofu) but still limit grains and corn. Effectively I had become plant based with the old egg and old piece of fish throughout this time period when out with friends.

18 Months later and through extensive trials and trying to find a high energy (and high brain activity) diet combination with these foods I have failed to find something for myself…. this could be due to gut bacteria, proteins that absorb glucose or simply my genetics are just not up to par with the Vegans out there.  I still refuse to eat sentient beings that their end is to benefit our means. I.e all red meat that is farmed I refuse to eat and leaves me with hunted food or fish/chicken. Due to health complications and the morality question of the Dairy industry….. this will also never be on my menu.  In reality I wrote a lot of words but all it means is bringing chicken back into the diet.

I believe the correct balance is unique to your lifestyle and goals. I am in Ketosis now with 5.5 days with High Fat, High Protein and Low Net Carb and I spend 36 hours carbing up at the weekend; during the week my macros are:
– 20g Net Carbs
– 130g Protein
– Fat is determined by goals

A general day for me is a 16 hour fast (8pm till 12 the next day) and two large meals consisting of eggs, veggies, curry and some meat.

I did have a weight of 96kg and 28% body fat and after 4 months I ended up with a comfortable 77kg and 15% body fat. This means I lost about 3.5kg of muscle and 13.5kg of pure fat; the muscle still frustrates me as I could have done better but it’s better then ending up as the skinny fat guy. I believe the muscle loss mostly happened in the transfer over from meat to veggies and not getting adequate protein during the transition. My latest fast and weight loss cycle took me from 81kg back down to 75kg.


Love running since late 2015 and am pushing myself every time to get better results. In 2016 I have 2 half marathons and a triathlon I will be blogging about when I get there

5k 2:42
10k 50:12
21k 2:04:12


I am a Business Analyst by day with experience in consulting, process improvement and bringing new ideas of the business to market using agile methodologies. I have had a range of businesses from outsourcing the paper round, window cleaning and a butchery to national entertainment, import and distribution and website design (and a few in between). I do not believe you need a degree to enable you, all you need is YOU to enable YOU.  I took some time out in 2016 as I felt I was spending too much time focusing on money and not enough on family and lifestyle. Goals for 2017 have begun 🙂


I love learning new skills and am pushing more and more into doing renovations myself! Me and my wife fully renovated our beach bach and now we are onto our next venture…. a 1910 villa.